On The Go Pet Care Family Reviews

Meri L.


Highly recommended!  I have used OTGPC several times to look after my two cats while out of town.  Alex and the team are great.  When I contacted them for the first time, Alex came by the apartment, talked to me about the cats' personalities, behavior, and feeding routine, and made me feel very comfortable leaving them in his hands.  Each day that an OTGPC sitter comes by to feed the cats, he or she leaves detailed notes about the cats, where they were, and how they behaved.  They are clearly all animal lovers, and I feel totally comfortable having them come into my apartment when I'm out of town.  It's great to have such a fantastic service to rely on when none of my friends are available to pet sit!

Sara S. 


Alex (who recently bought the biz) and his associates always take great care of my 17+ y.o. cat.  I also feel comfortable when I'm away knowing that she is being taken off, played with and loved.  I come home to daily notes of her well being and that she was missing me.

Thanks again!

Nicole C.

Max loves On The Go and they love him right back. As a new puppy mom I admit I was worried about making the transition from weekday doggie day care to hiring a dogwalking service. OTGPC team couldn't have been more patient or professional- giving us so many valuable tips!

Max's regular dogwalker/girlfriend, who gives him a super workout while training him to be a better dog. It's only been a month with On The Go and we can already see such an improvement in Max's leash and recall skills.

One of the best things about Kristy & OTG is the daily written feedback about their adventures and how Max played with the other dogs. We were even emailed photos and videos the first few days which really put me at ease. Speaking of email- one of the best things about OTG is their availability and quick correspondence via email, text and phone. And it's wonderful to know if we're going to be late at work we can easily contact them and ask for a 2nd walk in the afternoon/evening (with no guilt whatsoever). OTG is awesome- I'm sure someday Max will likely love OTG more than us :)

Robb F.

We can't say enough good things about On the Go Pet Care.  My wife and I travel a bit, and, until we found On the Go, we were always worried about our cats.  Now we know that they are very well taken care of and that peace of mind makes our trips even better.  In fact, last month when we were in Tasmania, my wife was texting with one of the folks from the On the Go, just to see how the cats were doing.  Service that stretches across the globe!

Finding On the Go Pet Care was a very good day for us and our cats.

Andrea S.

On the Go Pet Care is absolutely wonderful - they provide excellent service with genuine care for and appreciation of pets.  We have used this service several times for our cat and have never been disappointed.  We love reading the notes left, and we got a particular treat when we received an email with a picture of our kitty doing a new (and very cute) thing of lying in the bathroom sink.  They get pets and they get the fact that we are crazy crazy about our pet!  Highly recommended!

Gill P.

We got a recommendation to give this a try in our new neighborhood, and after a couple months of great service, Mr. Milo is a real big fan.  His opinion is the one that matters, he even gets long trips to Funston, which I thought might not be in the cards now that we are on the other side of the city.  I highly recommend.

Lilly S. 

Fantastic cat-sitters. I can't say how happy I am with On the Go. They are reliable, responsible and really love animals. I also really appreciate the daily notes that they leave-- I felt better going on vacation knowing that they were going to be looking out for my cat. I'm moving to the east bay, and so am super bummed that I'm going to have to try and find some service as good as On the Go!

Jaime I.  


We have used On The Go for cat sitting over the past couple years. They provide great service, are professional, responsible and obviously love what they do.

Thomas E.  


The look on Daisy's face when OTGPC come to pick her up for daily walks says it all.  We couldn't be happier with On The Go Pet Care, and would recommend them to anybody looking for dog care.

Tracy V.  

I have been using On the Go Pet Care for dog walking and overnight stays for about three years now and I highly recommend OTGPC Team. They have always accommodated my requests to include last minute walks and weekend overnights as well as boarding without hesitation. My two dogs have really bonded with all walkers and seem to really enjoy themselves on the group walks and while boarded. I have been sent many pictures of them playing and having fun with them and other dogs!

Ericka F.


We would like to heartily recommend Alex and the entire team to anyone who is anxious about leaving their pets for extended periods of time or even a short weekend- The On The Go team has consistently gone above and beyond, providing loving care to our fur children. We have been happy customers since 2011 and have left our two babies for months at a time with the OTG team. We wouldn't trust anybody else with our boys!