Dog Walking

Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions regarding dog walking for both group walks and solo walks.  We encourage you to contact us directly to answer any questions that you may have and to determine what would be the best option for you and your pup.  We want to make sure that we have a great fit for your pup. 

Why should I hire a Dog Walker?

You may have the best intentions when you first get your pooch to walk, run, hike and take him/her anywhere you go.  But the fact is, you're a busy person and the demands of your lifestyle, whether it be work, family or travel, don't always allow for the qualify time you'd like to spend with your furry family member.  There's no need for you to feel guilty or your pup to wish for more attention.

Many people wonder what the benefits are of hiring a dog walker versus hiring a college student or part-timer wanting to make some extra cash or dropping off at doggy daycare.  Using a professional dog walker means your dog receives the care of someone who's experienced, educated, insured and committed to your pup.  Your pup gets much needed exercise, play time with other pups and restroom breaks during the day while you're away. 

We offer additional support for dog parents such as basic obedience and training. 

How many dogs will my dog walk with?

SF Parks & Recreation issued a safety statement directed towards dog walkers recommending a maximum of 6 dogs per walker.  Beyond taking this into consideration as much as possible, we may do smaller or larger groups judging by the dogs' sizes, breeds and temperaments and where we go.

Where do you go for group walks?

Depending on proximity of your house to parks and where other clients are located, we will choose a park best suited proximity wise, as well as best suited for dogs.  Parks we go to may include Fort Funston, The Presidio, Buena Vista Park, Bernal Hill, Douglass Park, McLaren Park, Mountain Lake Park and Crissy Field.  Walkers are equipped with a detailed map of parks throughout San Francisco including leash and off-leash rules for each. 

What time of day are group walks offered?

We have several groups that go out per day whereby walks occur between the hours of 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.  We do our best to accomadate your request to join the AM or PM group when you join the On The Go Pet Care Family, however, this will be dependent on availability/capacity of each group. 


Do I have to sign-up for service 5-days a week?

We offer Full-time and Part-time options.  We require a minimum of three (3) days a week.  This allows your dogs to make friends and integrate into the group.  This also allows us the time to train your pup and maintain a routine that allows your pup a stress free and fun environment  Call us for subscription plan rates.

Do you provide training? 

$15/week. Applies to all puppies in group walks primarily, with some exceptions. Includes daily journal log of progress.

We communicate progress with you and often take pics and video clips. We may use treats, praise and activity rewards as well as a clicker as part of our training.  Once your puppy completes puppy training, we continue their training through positive reinforcement and ensure they use their manners and enjoy their daily group walks. 

​What is "clicker training?"

A clicker is a small metal instrument that makes a quick “click” noise. It is used in dog training by clicking when the dog does something well. Dogs have a short-term memory and because the click noise is instantaneous after their good deed, it helps them to easily recognize that they have done something good so they are likely to repeat this behavior. It is generally followed up by a treat.



My dog is shy/prefers one-on-one attention, what are the options for solo walks? 

Solo walks are the perfect option for the shy and/or aggressive pup.  You don't have to keep you pup home alone all day.  We like to ensure that all dogs enjoy the outdoors and healthy, safe and fun exercise. 

Where are solo walks conducted?

Usually walks will take place in your neighborhood. If it's hard to find parking in your neighborhood or if there isn't a park or grassy area walking distance from your house, we may drive somewhere more suitable.

What are the requirements for my dog?

• Dogs: DHLLP and rabies.
Please contact your vet for information about these vaccinations.

Will my dog always be walked by the same walker? 

We do our best to provide you with the same walker.  However, there are occasions when a sitter may request a sick day or vacation day.  If this happens, we have plenty of qualified and experience dog walkers to ensure your pups routing remains the same!