Getting Started - Welcome to our family!

We are excited that you will be joining the On The Go Pet Care Family!  We understand that letting someone into your home to care for your furry family member requires trust and we don't take this responsibility lightly.  Our goal is to ensure both you and your pet feel comfortable and are happy with the services and care that we provide.  We care for your furry family member as though they were our own and ensure that your pet receives the best love and care!  
We look forward to discussing your pets needs. 


1.  Call or Email us today to discuss your pets needs.  Please be sure to have the following information available:

  • Name of your pet and pet type

  • Service Needs (Dog Walking - group or private walks, Pet Sitting, Home Care, Boarding)

  • Schedule (Dates for services to begin and end)

  • Is your pet aggressive? Any behavioral issues we need to be aware of?

2.  Complete Paperwork

  • Complete our Service Detail Order and Pet Profile and email back to us

3.  Let's Schedule a time to Meet!

  • ​We like to meet with you and your pet for 20-30 minutes, you get to know us and we get to know you!

  • All Paperwork should be completed prior to our meeting, so we can take notes and ask clarifying questions (pet favorite toy, food location and instructions, litter box, etc.)

  • Please have 2 sets of keys ready when we meet

4.  Welcome to On The Go Pet Care Family

  • Once you've completed the paperwork and had a chance to meet us, you're now a member of On The Go Pet Care Family!